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Lead4Ward: Planning

PLCs are challenged to maximize limited time to plan instruction that is relevant, engaging, and rigorous. Learn how PLCs can use the lead4ward Planning Guide to distribute planning between the PLC and the individual teacher. Apply the learning to an upcoming unit of instruction.

What you will learn:

  • Use the lead4ward Planning Guide and the lead4ward app to maximize planning time
  • Create engaging learning experiences by selecting appropriate instructional resources
  • Communicate concepts using a variety of visuals
  • Determine academic vocabulary important for concept development
  • Determine evidence of learning
  • Use the lead4ward tools and resources in planning (Student Learning Reports, Field Guides, IQ Released Tests, TEKS Scaffolds, Academic Vocabulary)
  • Enhance lessons and activities with Instructional Strategies Playlists
  • Discover options for implementing the planning routine

Your solution for:

  • Answering the questions that guide PLCs developed by the DuFours (What do we want students to learn? How will we know they are learning? How will we respond when they don’t learn it? How will we respond if they already know it?)
  • Creating a planning process that has structure, yet allows teachers to address differences in their classes
  • Providing a common set of expectations for planning
    Connecting data to instruction

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