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Teaching Free Enterprise with SMU Cox Bridwell Institute
Building Future Ready Citizens: E3-STEM (Economics, Entrepreneurship and Ethics in STEM)

The Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom is a research institute in the SMU Cox School of Business.The Bridwell Institute developed the Teaching Free Enterprise program to help Texas school teachers develop the knowledge and expertise they need to meet the Texas Economics TEKS regarding Free Enterprise in classroom instruction. Top professors and researchers from Southern Methodist University, TexasTech and the UT System, are providing lessons, activities and exercises that can be readily implemented in the classroom.

Important Session Information:

Topic 1: SCIENCE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Ann Marie Tipps, Southern Methodist University
In the science e3-STEM units, students will begin to understand entrepreneurship and how science can help encourage people to be entrepreneurs. Many students (and teachers) believe innovation is too difficult for young students and is just something in a textbook and is not tied to real life experiences. Science and innovation go hand-in-hand when developing ideas for young students in elementary school.  We will explore ways to introduce your students to the idea of entrepreneurship through science lessons at the various grade levels.

Topic 2: TECHNOLOGY AND ETHICS - Ann Marie Tipps, Southern Methodist University
In the technology e3-STEM unit, you will help your students determine what ethical decisions and choices look like. Students will create scenarios that contain ethical choices and decisions as well as understanding what bullying behavior looks like in school. Students must recognize when bullying behavior has happened or not happened, and be able to take small steps to stop this behavior from happening to them. Students should become empowered to make good decisions and react to those making choices (good or bad) around them. Technology will then be used to help the students present their learning to their fellow classmates, school, parents or community.

Topic 3: MATH AND ECONOMICS - Ann Marie Tipps, Southern Methodist University
For this unit, you will become a facilitator for your students to create a project to tie math and economics together. There are three 30-minute lessons included in this unit. Students should be allowed to take the time to develop these ideas and work through the challenges of organizing a larger project. The modules are graduated in difficulty level starting at non-standard units of measure and “fair share” for the K-1, money and it’s meaning for 2-3, and are, volume and business profits for 4-5. There are additional project ideas included in the additional resources section. Building on the idea of needs and wants, students can continue working on this theme unit through additional lessons in the year.

Topic 4: ENGINEERING AND ECONOMICS– Ann Marie Tipps, Southern Methodist University
Engineering. Just hearing the word “engineering” has many elementary teachers deciding that engineering is not for them or their students. However, elementary students are creative and innovative in many areas of their life if given the correct tools to use. Engineering and innovation go together when developing ideas for young students in elementary school. For this unit, you will become a facilitator for your students to create of a project to tie engineering and economics together. The students will use their resources to make decisions on how to build towers, boats and bridges.

Lunch is provided as part of the session.

Dimension 1.4: Activities, Dimension 2.2: Content Knowledge and Expertise

Registration ends at 12:00 AM on Thursday, June 15, 2023
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(6) CPE
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Jessica Torres
Ann Marie Tipps
Date Time Location
6/14/2023 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM ESC Region 12
2101 W Loop 340, Waco, 76712

ESC Region 12 | 2101 West Loop 340 | Waco TX 76712 | 254-297-1212